About IDFA, personalised ads, and the lesser evil

In June last year Apple announced upcoming privacy changes on its platform, meant to give users some control over how their data is used and shared among app creators and advertisers. And the day when ATT (App Tracking Transparency) will be enforced looks like it’s getting closer and closer.

In a nice twist of PR, most companies call the IDFA usage “personalised ads”, marketing it to users as a great tool to:

  • avoid tons of obscure ads that polluted the internet over the past 18 years, ever since Google launched AdSense in 2003, condemning the media industry to a…

I’ve been reading this conversation last week and the subject has been on my mind since then. So here it goes, my two cents.

What Marco Marandiz states I find it to be true: many brands are running their business exclusively on paid. And it goes beyond that. If you hear we’re looking for a marketing expert, technology strategist or growth hacker, be almost sure they’re talking about Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, retargeting and programmatic.

Growth hacking & Growth are often times confused and fully identified with paid, DSPs, third party data, personal data a̶b̶u̶s̶e̶, m̶u̶d̶d̶y̶ SEO practices and…

I’ve been exposed to the inside story of several crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo over the past few years and, surprisingly or not, the history repeats itself. When it comes to first timers, the patterns of thinking and doing are the same.

There’s a truth behind the curtains, specially for hardware and physical goods, a truth somewhere in between forms of existence. You know it’s there and you don’t :). It’s like the unwritten laws of Murphy for crowdfunding campaigns and what happens after.

  1. The actual funding goal and dreams are 10 times bigger than the ones declared.
  2. Money…

As part of the the Amazon Alexa Accelerator there are a couple of things you learn. For one, you learn how Alexa works and how to design Alexa skills. This is a very technical guide for very technical people. But to translate it to a less technical speech, what you do is design a conversation, a dialogue.

Not a simple Q&A, not a command and not a stripped down request meant for your office assistant — like “bring me those papers”. What papers you may ask?

Building a successful Alexa skill, or any other voice assistance interaction, is about mastering…

Ela Novac

Tech. Strategy. Data Mining. Growth. Stockholm. I speak the gibberish of ETL, data stack, DAU, CLV, NPS, CAC, HXC, etc. Huge winter fan (the real winter!).

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